Continuous Feedback

We’re all about continuous improvement, which means we thrive on continuous feedback! In your day to day experience with Team Edgar, expect to be communicating with the team frequently about what is/isn’t working and where there are opportunities for improvement.

Monthly (or more) 1on1s

Your Advocate will check in with you at least once monthly to talk about how things are going from your perspective. Here’s what we want to accomplish with these meetings:

For you . . .

For your Advocate . . .

Annual Reviews

In addition to regular feedback and 1on1s, you’ll also have an annual review with your Advocate. By default, these happen in the month of your hire date anniversary. If you receive an off-cycle review or role change, your next review will be scheduled for a year from that date instead.

Why do we do annual reviews when we have 1on1s already?

To enhance our more immediate feedback, we like to take a moment to ensure we’re paying attention to larger trends, preferences, career accomplishments, and development. A good way to think about this is that annual reviews are for reflection, celebrating a milestone, and understanding how we as a company can better fulfill your needs; regular feedback and 1on1s are more geared toward immediate action on day-to-day projects and work.

Do I need to prepare anything for these meetings?

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: To get the most out of your 1on1s with your Advocate, really treat it as your time. Think about things you want to discuss - especially areas where you’re having a hard time. If you have a difficult topic or something you want to share some critical feedback about, this is the best venue to do so. Come ready with questions you want to ask and help your Advocate by making the 1on1 more of a two-way conversation rather than a Q&A session.

How do salary reviews work?

We handle annual increases at the time of your annual review. Everybody will receive an increase to cover cost of living increases and to reflect changes in the market value of your job responsibilities. (Please read more about Value for Value at MeetEdgar here.)

How do promotions work? How can I advance my career at MeetEdgar?

We're a small company and intend to stay that way. That means that we'll always have a relatively straight-forward org chart, without a lot of management levels. The positive side of this is that staying at MeetEdgar long term doesn't mean that the only way to move forward is to do less of the things you love and move into a supervisory role. Rather, we believe in career advancement through mastery.

Most people who stay at MeetEdgar long term advance by building more specialized skills or by deepening their existing skills. We're committed to making active contributions toward your experience and expertise at MeetEdgar so that every year you stay with us, you're more of a superstar in your craft than you were the year prior.

As your skills develop, we'll look for more opportunities for you to put them to good use within the company. For some people, that might mean moving into a leadership role. For most, it means opportunity to explore new areas of ownership or trying out exciting new projects and ideas.

You and your Advocate will have regular conversations about career development and progress during your monthly 1on1s, and your salary will be evaluated every year to make sure we're keeping up with market values for your role as it evolves.